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Lets you get started immediately in easy stages.

Teaching Spanish: An introductory Workshop.
Price: $15.00

Workshop CD helps you get started on the In Other Words approach, covering:   

  • Basic principles of second language acquisition
  • An overview of curriculum guidelines for children ages 3-8
  • A model lesson featuring songs, conversational patterns, and activities from the Guia del Maestro (Teacher's Guidebook)



Guía del Maestro. Teacher's Guidebook.
Price: $38.00


Your manual for developing an integrated Spanish language program over a 2-to-3 year period, in preschool or early elementary. A 228-page, step-by-step guide to effective teaching, featuring:

Basics of Second Language Acquisition. How to create a positive language learning environment

Guidelines for the Spanish Teacher. Practical techniques, teaching skills, lesson planning hints, and much more.

The Spanish Units. Ten units containing basic vocabulary, activities, and instructions for using all the material:

1. ¡Hola Amigos!.
Hello, Friends!

2. Mi Casa. Home

3. Los Animales. Animals

4. Mi Cuerpo. My Body

5. Toda la Familia. The Family

6. Mi Escuela. School

7. Vamos a Contar. Let's Count

8. La Comida. Food

9. Los Colores. Colors

10. La Ropa. Clothing

Canciones y Rimas Songbook         Price:  $16.00
Canciones y Rimas CD                        Price:


Contains sixty-six songs, rhymes and easy finger plays. Develops vocabulary for the ten units. Movements, gestures and translations in       English accompany all the activities.

Special feature:  Hard-to-find songs for holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and birthdays.

CD is designed for the teacher to learn activities in the Canciones y Rimas Songbook.  Songs are by native Spanish speakers with guitar accompaniment.

Dibujos para Figuras. Felt Figure Pattern Book.
Price: $12.00


Patterns for cutout figures to illustrate 20 songs and activities from the Guidebook and Songbook. Can be cut from felt to use on a flannel board, or colored and mounted on cardboard.

Complete Starter Set Price: $96.00



Provide practice with the basic vocabulary.  Add to Starter Set as children progress through the units.  Flexible, open-ended materials are adaptable to different ages and skill levels.  Three-Part Cards and Lotto Games are available in the following themes, to match units:

1. Toda la Familia
2. Mi Casa
3. Los Animales
4. La Comida
5. La Ropa
6. Mi Escuela
7. Frutas y Verduras
8. Mi Cuerpo

And two additional themes:

9. ¿Cómo Estás?. ¿How Are You?
10. Opuestos. Opposites


Three-Part Cards (16 words per set, 48 cards total)
Price: $17.00 per set

Toda la Familia

Mi Casa

Los Animales

La Comida


La Ropa

Mi Escuela

 Frutas y Verduras

Mi cuerpo


¿Cómo estas?  




Cards with pictures and labels can be used in  unlimited combinations to learn and practice new words. Also excellent for beginning Spanish reading.


Lotto Games (Ten sets of 8 game boards each with a set of 16 name cards)
Price: $19.00

Spanish "Bingo" reinforces vocabulary and conversation. For group play. 

 La Familia

Los Animales

La Ropa 

Frutas y Verduras 

Mi Casa 

 La Comida

Mi Escuela

Mi Cuerpo 

 ¿Cómo Estas?



Vocabulary Booklets and CD's


Vocabulary Booklets $6.00 each OR $16.50 per set of 3 (see below)

Develop conversation skills or help with beginning Spanish reading.  Sixteen words per booklet.  One picture and one word per page.  Available individually or in sets (below), to be used with CD’s at school or home.


Set 1:   Vamos a Contar, Los Colores, and Toda la Familia


Set 2: Los Animales, La Ropa, and Frutas y Verduras


Set 3: Mi Cuerpo, Mi Escuela, and Mi Casa


Set 4: La Comida, ¿Cómo Estás?, and Opuestos

Vocabulary CD’s

Price: $13.00


One CD for each set of 3 booklets (above).  For more advanced individual practice in correct intonation, pronunciation and accent. Progressive levels of conversation reinforce simple patterns. 


Set 1: Vamos a Contar, Los Colores, and Toda la Familia
Set 2: Los Animales, La Ropa, and Frutas y Verduras
Set 3: Mi Cuerpo, Mi Escuela, and Mi Casa

Set 4: La Comida, ¿Cómo Estas?, and Opuestos



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